Ragnheiour osp

Precious objects

The Icelandic designer Ragnheiður Ösp (born in 1981) is fascinated by traditional knots familiar to us in sailing. She plays with the context, the format and the texture. In her hands, the knot acquires an entirely new meaning: not just strong and safe, but also soft and warm.

Ragnheiður comes from a family of musicians. She plays the piano and violin, but her love for unique objects was stronger. She collected all sorts of objects that gave her a good feeling, from table napkins to erasers, and saved them for years. Later she decided to create her own precious objects.

Ragnheiður graduated in sociology and psychology, and then in product design and 3D design. She is co-founder of a company designing educational toys and has written a book on art and design.

Ragnheiður Ösp designed the NotKnot cushions.