Upholstery and Materials

To achieve variety in colours and materials, our trend specialists ensure a harmonised collection, reflecting current interior trends. After all, a quality sofa deserves the finest execution. The standard collection comprises 112 fabrics from well known weaving mills like De Ploeg and Kvadrat, 18 colours of leather, 16 colours of PODE paintwork and 16 colours of stitching thread.

By mixing and matching your upholstery colours, legs and stitching thread, you will always create a unique piece of furniture with PODE.


Choose your upholstery entirely to your own taste from our extensive collection of quality fabrics, in trendy colours from De Ploeg, Kvadrat, several leading Italian weaving mills and from Leolux.


De Ploeg®

A fresh series of multi-coloured fabrics, made from 100% Trevira. This material is hard-wearing, non-inflammable and easy to clean. For these reasons Coll is very suitable for families with children.

Divina MD


A range of fabrics that combine a variety of tones to form vibrant and contemporary new colours. Divina MD fabrics are made from pure virgin wool and are exceptionally hard-wearing and colour-fast. A wonderful fabric for everyday use.


A user-friendly upholstery fabric that combines the specific strengths of synthetic fibres (colour-fastness and sheen) on the one hand and natural materials on the other. Grano is available in a variety of vivid tones that gain extra depth thanks to the fabric’s coarse structure.



This wool satin fabric (90% wool) has a sleek glossy texture and a rich colour palette. In Rime, two solid colours are combined into a rich multi -colour fabric, which is very suitable for intensive applications.

Divina Melange


Divina fabrics are 100% wool. Because this fabric has a natural resistance to dirt, wool is extremely good at resisting stains. Divina fabrics are very durable and are flame-resistant.



The Hallingdal fabric by Kvadrat was designed by Nanna Ditxel in 1965 and is still a highly favoured fabric among designers and interior designers. A timeless fabric, very durable and with an extensive colour palette.


Monza has the warm touch of wool. Through the addition of viscose, however, this fabric also has many pleasant use properties. Monza by PODE is strong, hard-wearing and colourfast. With a subtle tone-in-tone stripe for playful and colour-rich choices.

Steelcut Trio


This upholstery material is 90% wool, making it strong and non-inflammable. A woollen fabric is also dirt-resistant. The addition of nylon gives it a soft ‘touch’ and an exciting aura. The blended colour combination makes Steelcut Trio a suitable choice for many interiors.



Tonica by Kvadrat® is 100% wool. The visible weave gives Tonica a prominent pattern. The natural properties of wool ensure that this fabric is highly dirt-resistant, whilst being stretchable and hard-wearing. This makes Tonica durable in its use.


Tough and robust. Treviso is a very coarsely woven fabric, with blended colours. This PODE fabric combines natural materials and synthetic fibres, making it crease-resistant, durable and colourfast.


A lightly blended fabric with a soft nap which gives your sofa a very friendly feel. Dolce is available in twelve deep colours and is manufactured entirely from synthetic fibres which are non-fading and extremely strong.


Colourful, and also strong and easy to maintain. That is Ruvido. Wonderfully coarsely woven and available in fresh, contemporary colours. The soft synthetic fibres with which Ruvido has been woven produce a high degree of colourfastness. This fabric is very durable and easy to clean.


Do you prefer leather? Then we have 18 fabulous colours in the most beautiful Fusion cowhide.


This leather owes its very individual character to the thickness of the leather. Fusion leather adds a special character to your PODE furnishing, suitable for normal to intensive use.

Paintwork and stitching collection

Give your design furniture character with striking stitching. There are 16 colours to choose from. The legs are also available in the same colours.

Is your colour or fabric not in our standard collection?

The Rime, Divina MD, Tonica, Divina Melange, Hallingdal, Steelcut Trio and Coll fabrics offer a host of extra colours (additional charge). On request you can also choose from the Strand, Ploegwool, Vilano and Bolster (de Ploeg) and Divina 3 and Memory (Kvadrat) fabrics (additional charge). A different delivery period applies to non-standard options. Would you like to have advice from a professional? The advisors from the PODE shops would be happy to help you put together a good colour combination.

* Pode is offering a temporary price reduction on the Coll, Divina MD, Divina Melange, Dolce, Hallingdal, Monza, Rime, Ruvido and Tonica fabrics. For the current promotional price please ask your Pode dealer. Prices are valid to 30 June 2015. Prices are subject to change, and dimensions are purely indicative.