Yonoh, 2020

Cabut is the result of our first collaboration with the Spanish designer studio Yonoh. It represents Spanish design without any unnecessary frills. This comfortable and inviting armchair is a classic example of their characteristic designer style: innovative and original, with an unerring eye for detail. One instance of this is the striking piping that continues across the entire design. The armrests are tilted slightly outwards and gently support your arms, while the entire armchair rests firmly on four simple legs.


Sufficient support for your head and body

The name ‘Cabut’ is taken from the traditional large head masks worn in processions in Valencia. Although this armchair admittedly has a large headrest, it isn’t in the least big-headed! Cabut is just as comfortable to sit on as it looks. So take a seat, remove your mask and be yourself. We can upholster it for you in leather, fabric or an attractive combination; no matter what your preference, you can choose out of all the available materials in the Pode collection.