Tight, straight lines. Cubb’s shape couldn’t be simpler. And yet the longer you look at the design, the more you see the beautiful details. The lovely oak base that falls just inside the upholstered elements, for example. Or the fluent way the armrests flow over into the back. With Cubb, Ontwerpduo has come up with a beautiful piece of top design.

Ontwerpduo: ‘The essence of Cubb is the shape of the seat. It’s super comfortable. The angles, the foam, the design – everything is exactly right. And because it’s basic, it fits in absolutely every interior.’


Comfort through craftsmanship

But Cubb is more than just an item of beauty. You just have to sit on it to feel how comfortable it is! And that’s the craftsmanship of Pode.

Exactly the right mix of support and softness.