2.5-seater sofa
3-seater sofa
3.5-seater sofa


Edit feels at home in every interior. From warm and cosy to streamlined and stylish. The most beautiful combinations are possible in both fabric and leather.

Or you can opt for a fabric trim with lovely leather piping. Do you dare to use a bold colour combination? Then Edit is the canvas for you.   


As exciting as you want it to be

How exciting is your Edit going to be? That’s entirely up to you. Whatever happens, it won’t be due to a lack of choice. The Edit sofa is available as a 2.5-seater, a 3-seater and even a 3.5-seater. And then, of course, there’s the lovely Loveseat.

Jet Dircks: ‘Pode is a little idiosyncratic but has all the qualities you need, including a fantastic, very contemporary colour palette.’