2-seater sofa | Quote

Design: Cuno Frommherz 2014

The Pode collection is all about combinations. With Quote, you can really live life to the full. All the back cushions are available in different heights and widths. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also have them all upholstered in a different fabric. By changing the cushion fabric every now and then, you almost feel as if you have a new sofa.  

Multiple shapes and sizes

Quote is available as an armchair and a loveseat, but also as 2-seater and 3-seater sofa. With each of those designs, the matching footstool is the perfect addition.


Year: 2014
Designer: Cuno Frommherz
Cushions: A choice of loose cushions
Seating height: Standard or +2 cm
Colours of legs: Aluminium (standard), Lac & Stitch or epoxy (additional charge)

Cuno Frommherz: ‘The simpler the item of furniture, the more space customers have to add their own personality to it.’