2.5-seater sofa | Swipe

Design: Thijs Smeets 2015

Swipe is a sofa in balance. A well thought-out design by Thijs Smeets, who also designed the beautiful Sparkle lines for Pode. Swipe clearly shows the same hand at work. Dutch pragmatism with international allure. The elegant lines and the sloping ‘shoulders’ mean that the sofa gives you oceans of sitting space without dominating your interior.

Rich details

Swipe gives you lots of sofa for your money. With lovely details, such as a rich decorative stitch. Swipe is available in three sizes – and you can also add a matching footstool to your interior, of course.


Year: 2015
Designer: Thijs Smeets
Seating height: Standard or +2 cm
Colours of legs: Aluminium (standard), Lac & Stitch or epoxy (additional charge)

Thijs Smeets: ‘A good design actually resolves several issues at the same time.’