Side table


Roderick Vos is fascinated by materials. He has already created products in leather, fabric, wood, glass and metal for Pode. In Bayan, he used a new material. This modern occasional table is made entirely in ceramic. The deliberate nod to the Art Deco period is another prominent feature. The mix of organic and geometric lines, the glaze colours that blend into each other ... they are all wonderfully recognisable.


Unique accents

Bayan comes in three different colour combinations, which were also hugely popular during the heyday of Art Deco: Pink and Red are combined with a lovely anthracite colour and Green with stylish bronze. Bayan is poured by hand into a plaster mould, making it ‘an ode to an almost lost craft’. That makes every Bayan one of a kind. Close up, you can see gorgeous colour accents that are unique to every table.