Table 200x100 cm
Table 220x100 cm


Our Fynch dining-room table is unmistakably Pode. What stands out straight away is the table-top; designer Roderick Vos has opted for a table-top made of solid beech.

The table-top rests on a steel frame of laser-cut tubes that slot perfectly into each other.

Not forgetting the subtle groove with which the table-top embraces the frame.


Never in doubt

Fynch is available in three lengths: 200 cm, 220 cm and 240 cm (all 100 cm wide).

So there’s always enough space for other people to enjoy your Fynch (and your cooking skills, of course).

The table-top is available in all Beech stain colours and the base in two epoxy colours: Raven and Khaki.