Coffee table Shine 110x55 cm
Coffee table Shine 95x55 cm
Coffee table Soul 90x45 cm
Side table 60x35 cm


This table series is named after its designers: Studio Rens. The first thing you will notice is the special paintwork. The coffee tables, for example, consist of a wooden top combined with a glass top that has a spotted finish. That gives the tables a very special effect. The side table is available in three epoxy colour schemes that have been specially developed for these tables. Truly a unique product.


Colourfully artistic

The coffee table is available in two sizes. Both are available in two colour schemes: Blue Ivory and Ivory Purple. In the first scheme, the top and the frame are finished in Brilliant Blue, with a glass top in the colour Ivory. With Ivory Purple you choose a top and frame in Ivory, combined with a glass top in Purple Violet. But whatever combination you choose, you will always be the owner of a colourful and artistic Pode product.