Tables | Skitch

Design: Roderick Vos & Jet Dircks 2016

Skitch is rich in special details. For example, the tables have a stylish and handcrafted base. Thanks to the addition of a simple groove, the tabletop falls very gracefully over the feet. You have a choice of three formats, each with a different height, so they look really great when grouped together. Moreover, the tabletop can be finished in three different colours that – not entirely coincidentally – can be combined perfectly with each other.

Fascinating production process

Skitch came about due to a fascination with sophisticated production processes. Just look at the ‘composition’ on which the table is based. The tubes are laser-cut to size and fitted with a groove, after which they can be creatively welded to each other. 


Year: 2016
Designer: Roderick Vos and Jet Dircks

Roderick Vos: ‘Skitch evolved in the workshop after we had seen how it is possible to laser-cut steel tube. By not completely cutting through the tube, but just cutting out half circles, you can use these different components to create a structure for a base.’