Original design

Pode is a true top Dutch design that is finding its way to enthusiastic customers throughout Europe. Surprising, fresh and colourful while remaining affordable. A complete lifestyle collection that you can use to furnish your entire living room. To achieve this, we work with experienced,

reputable designers who supply refreshing, innovative creations, time after time. The art directors Roderick and Claire Vos play a special role. They give the Pode collection its entirely special identity, in colour, style and design.

Professionally produced

A good design is just the beginning. To guarantee that every piece of furniture is of the highest quality, you must employ the very best professionals. The people you find in the Pode factories. True professionals with a passion for creating furniture. Moreover, they focus not only on their own specialism. Everyone knows exactly how the entire process operates and, where necessary, can assist to bring perfection to the final result. From the carpenter through the upholsterer to the specialist painter, they all stand for quality, something you see immediately and that you will continue to see for years.

Pode is Member of the Association of German upholstery manufacturers


Perfectly personal 

Pode helps you make your design as personal as you want. We do not produce stock products, but personal products especially for you. Therefore, you have limitless possibilities to create the piece of furniture and accessory perfectly to your liking. After all, your interior is as unique as you are. Therefore, its colours, arrangement and finish are entirely up to you. This is the only way to give it your own unique signature.


Roderick and Claire Vos


Roderick Vos still thinks the collaboration is 'a miracle', in the positive sense of the word. “The collaboration between a manufacturer and a designer normally means that the designer supplies a design that the manufacturer works with from its own perspective. That is really different now. We are building a complete brand, something that was just a dream for years.”

Claire: “Then it’s great to have been working together for 32 years. Fortunately, we complement each other, something you see more often in design duos. However, it is the first time that all of our disciplines have been so seamlessly aligned. We knew already after the very first meeting: we want to be able to furnish an entire room with just Pode products. This will not often happen in practice, but in principle, it is possible. For this reason, the collection has been extended to include more than just seating. It is now a lifestyle brand that includes side tables, cushions, a plaid, a beanbag and a carpet.”


The world of Pode


“Welcome to the world of Pode. You might know us from the Leolux brand of furniture, but here we want to introduce you to the new Pode.

This design brand has been transformed from a brand of furniture into a lifestyle brand. This is in part thanks to Claire and Roderick Vos who, as Pode’s designers and art directors, have assumed the responsibility.”

Sebastiaan Sanders, Director of Leolux and Pode