Materials for your Pode furniture

Personal design, that’s what we like. Because the most beautiful Pode furniture is created by you, based on your unique choices of colours and materials.

But of course you first need colours and materials to choose from. That's why we’ve put together a rich collection of the most beautiful materials for you.


It starts with the upholstery for your new Pode item of furniture. Do you want fabric or leather?

Our collection includes a broad selection of fabrics from top suppliers such as de Ploeg, Kvadrat and a selection of quality Italian weavers. And if you’d like to create your new Pode product in leather, you can choose exactly the type of leather that suits you best.


Lac & Stitch

Every one of them sounds like a dynamic film duo and they’re inseparable in the Pode collection: Lac & Stitch.

And rightly so, because they’re perfectly matching combinations of a lacquer and a stitch colour.

A consistent accent for your Pode sofa or armchair, that makes everything that bit more cheerful, stylish and elegant. 


Sublime materials

Wood and metal play an essential role in our products. Whether it involves the frame of a table, the wooden legs of an armchair or a ceramic table-top, you can choose from a wide range of types and colours!   


From a sofa base to a table-top, wood always adds that extra dimension your furniture.

At Pode, you can choose from many different types, so that you always achieve the look that suits your interior best. We have a wide range of tones available, from light to attractive dark shades.



At Pode, we’re ceramic fans. It’s a fantastic material – both visually and functionally. It’s baked and compressed under high pressure.

The result? A strong, scratch-resistant and very user-friendly material that looks absolutely beautiful.

And daily maintenance is easy – you just need to wipe it with glass cleaner, concentrated washing-up liquid or water with a splash of methylated spirits. But you do have to be very careful with abrasive cleaning agents.



Epoxy gives the metal parts of your Pode product a hard-wearing lacquer layer. And the process itself is a sight to behold.

First of all, the powder is applied to the metal using static electricity. Then it’s placed in the oven and melted at a high temperature. That creates a smooth and very strong lacquer layer. Beautiful and practical at the same time!

Quarz Marble

Quarz Marble is a composite material, consisting of marble granules (90%), colour pigments and synthetic resins. It is not acid-resistant and only suitable for indoor use.

Quarz Marble is scratch sensitive. Therefore, do not push hard objects over the table top but always lift them (ceramics or sharp metal objects, such as keys). Tables are not suitable for sitting or standing. We recommend to be careful with acidic liquids such as wine, cola and orange juice. Always remove spilled liquids immediately. Use PH neutral soaps or acid and fat-free products for maintenance.