The upholstery that you choose for your furniture will be part of your interior for many years. Pode offers a broad selection of woven materials to cover the sofas and armchairs to your liking. Smooth and coarser fabrics in contemporary colours that perfectly match our leather and lacquer colours.

Pode works with high-quality fabrics from renowned suppliers. Well-known brands such as Kvadrat and De Ploeg and various Italian top weavers, selected for you by Pode.

For legal reasons certain fabrics aren’t available in all international markets. Please contact your local Leolux-reseller to check availability.


Kvadrat's Re-wool fabric is beautiful, strong and, above all, sustainable. 50% of the wool used consists of recycled production residues. This makes this fabric a stylish and at the same time responsible choice.

Mosaic 2

A stretch fabric offers the upholsterer entirely new options: rounding is easier to deal with, a lot less seams are needed and the fabric will not wrinkle on moving parts, because it pulls itself straight again. Besides elastic yarns, the fabric Mosaic 2 contains a large share of wool (27%). It repels dirt and is highly fire-retardant.


Anyone in search of a tough, natural-looking upholstery fabric won't go wrong with Bolster. The coarsely-woven dobby texture and the high-quality polyester yarn create the tough exterior that makes Bolster so durable. The fabric is hard-wearing and available in twenty distinctive colour variants.

Divinia MD

A series of fabrics in which several tones are combined to create a vivid and contemporary colour. Divina MD fabrics are made of 100% virgin wool, with a high level of resistance to wear and tear and fading. A lovely fabric for daily use.


True opulence is not only something you see, you feel it too! The use of viscose fibres gives this elegant fabric a wonderfully soft surface and soft sheen. Fay has a subtle multi-colour effect that makes the soft sea colours even livelier. This results in a fabric of pure class that is ideal in the most beautiful interiors.


A comfortable sofa that’s designed for living needs a relaxing fabric. Introducing Fresco, a flexible material made from a mix of natural fabrics and synthetic fibres. These ensure that the fabric is colourfast, easy to maintain and extremely strong as well as being delightfully soft with a light sheen. Our Italian weaving mill supplies an entire series of subtle shades so that you can always find the perfect colour.


The Hallingdal fabric from Kvadrat was designed in 1965 by Nanna Ditxel and remains a much-loved fabric among designers and interior architects. A timeless fabric, very durable and with a very broad colour palette.


Maple is made largely of viscose, which gives the fabric a super soft lustre and a super soothing feel. Maple really is ideal, available in a series of pretty yet subtle colours, which give your furniture a very stylish appearance.


From beautiful natural shades to a warm ruby red, Nomad offers an appealing range of stunning colours. And Nomad shows an attractive and distinctive weave structure that feels soft and comfortable.


Colourful but strong and maintenance-friendly too. Ruvido is all of these things. Roughly woven with fresh and contemporary colours.

Ruvido’s soft synthetic fibres are very fade-resistant. Moreover, the fabric is hard-wearing and easy to clean.


Steelcut Trio

A series of fabrics in which several tones are combined to create a vivid and contemporary colour. Divina MD fabrics are made of 100% virgin wool, with a high level of resistance to wear and tear and fading. A lovely fabric for daily use.


Tonica from Kvadrat® consists of 100% wool. The visible weft gives Tonica a clearly discernible pattern. The natural attributes of wool ensure that this fabric is very dirt-repellent but also flexible and hard-wearing. That makes Tonica very durable.


Tweed is a balanced fabric in which the soft feel of natural fibres is beautifully combined with the fade resistance and gloss of synthetic fibres. The two-tone structure creates a characteristic and very recognisable look.k.


Leather is wonderful upholstery material. At Pode, you can choose between two high-quality basic variants of cowhide, which we then use to cover your favourite item of Pode furniture in the colour of your choice. Fusion leather is available in no less than 19 beautiful colours. The thickness and finishing of the material gives it a unique character and a high user value, even when you use it intensively.

The lightly sanded Neron leather gives your Pode furniture a pure and natural look. It is real natural leather, so it becomes part of your life and grows more beautiful the more you use it. Neron is available in five lovely colours.


Due to its thickness, this leather has a distinctive character. With Fusion leather, you give your Pode furniture a unique character that is suitable for normal to intensive use.


Perle is a soft, grained, brilliantly coloured leather, which even so is suitable for daily use. To achieve this result, during the finishing process, the hides undergo a special process that gives the leather a strong and somewhat matt top layer.


The purest leather qualities become even more beautiful after regular use. Neron is a pure aniline leather that proudly displays the marks of authenticity and colour variations found in the natural world. The slightly roughened surface and the oil finishing make this leather extremely soft and flexible. There is an obvious similarity with the most beautiful nubuck qualities. They too acquire a patina in the course of time; the leather grows with you and reflects your experiences in life.