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Shaped to your style

Lifestyle collection

Shaped to your style


The sofa that feels at home everywhere

Edit feels at home in every interior. From warm and cosy to streamlined and stylish. The sofa is available in fabric and leather and, for that personal touch, you can have the distinctive piping finished in a different colour or material. Do you dare to use a bold colour combination? Then Edit is the canvas for you.

Collection update

The very latest from Pode

Innovation is in Pode's DNA. And that's why we added five new products to our collection. From a sofa programme to a cushion, there is news in all areas. We would like to introduce you to Nivti, Tresto, Jolt, Shallow and Chillow!

Shape your Spot & Sparkle

With Spot and Sparkle, you have every opportunity to create your perfect designer armchair. Take the sleek design, for example, where you choose a high or low back and your favourite foot.

All models and materials

Pode in Leolux Experience Center Breukelen

Nowhere can you experience Pode like in the new Leolux Experience Center on the A2 near Breukelen. Here you will find the most extensive Pode showroom in the world, where you can discover all models and materials.

Designer Spot & Sparkle

Up Close: Thijs Smeets

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